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Destiny Finder

From June 03 – July 22

Have you ever asked yourself, or your pastor:

• What’s my calling?
• What’s my mission?
• How can I minister at church?
• Where do I fit in?
• What is my purpose in God’s plan?

Or any question of the likes? Destiny Finder is designed not only to answer these questions about purpose and the pragmatics of every day Christian life, but it’s also made as a guide to help you know your very identity in a deeper way. We are pushing to go through this curriculum as a whole congregation as a launching pad to walk in everything God has called us to do, not only as individuals, but as a whole corporate body. we ALL have a task, a calling, a place in the giant plan of God. Not one of us was meant to function alone, and we all are pieces of the puzzle that is the church body, and when one piece is missing, just like a puzzle, the whole picture is incomplete. We believe that every single solitary individual has purpose and reason to be in the body.

Sign up today, there is a sign up sheet in the lobby on our information table, or email Ingrid to register:

We invite you to participate in Destiny Finder and walk this out with us. You belong.