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Church Potluck

Church Potluck

December 10th • Immediately after service, and there isn’t a set end time.
this used to be a New Friends Luncheon, but has now changed to a Church Potluck. 

We have had a challenge to all of Living Water Church. Some weeks ago, Steve challenged us from the pulpit to invite at least 5 people to church, and to try very very hard to get them here. The people we would invite had to NOT be attending a church already, since we don’t want to make church hoppers, we want to reach the lost and hurting with no place to go. So December 10th, we have planned a Church Potluck to feed all of our new comers. We expect to see everyone there and make new friends with all of our guests!

THERE WILL BE LOTS OF FOOD…. so don’t waste time on inviting people any longer.